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For All The Lovers In the House Tonight

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Welcome to Bandom Ships, a comprehensive, all-squeeing OTP appreciation community. The community's concept is similar to that of ship_manifesto but on a smaller and a less formal scale.

How does it work?

Fans sign up to start off a two-day love-athon celebrating all aspects of their favorite bandom pairings starting with an informal 'ship manifesto, after which everyone is invited to share anything in the form of top 5 themed lists (or not) of otpjoy (top 5 desert island fics, talk about your top five otp moments etc. etc or start a freaking fabulous otp author/artist/beta appreciation thread), and ending with an otp/ot3/ot4 free-for-all-everyone's-invited fantasy fest style drabble drive.

Huge thanks go out to ds_recs from whom much was stolen borrowed.